Blog we Love

One of our favorite local caterers, Stuart & Welch, recently began a blog of their very own. Check out their delicious photos and interesting events at Be careful, we guarantee you'll start drooling over their pictures. Don't say we didn't warn you...

Artist's Wanted

Date: 3.12.10
Produced By: 3rd Ward

It Feels Good to Give!

Number two on BizBash's list of 'New York Vendors with Charitable Tie-Ins' is Openhouse Gallery. Five percent of the revenue generated from every booking at OHG is automatically donated to an organization of the clients choice. So next time you're thinking of booking a pop-up shop or sample sale, think of how good it feels to give!

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Pop Up Insider

Obsessed with pop-up retail? Interested in finding the newest pop-up locations in NYC? Check out, a new pop-up website that showcases the very best pop-up spots in New York (and Florida, for now). For more information, visit and watch this video.

Preview of Tonights Private Event

'Artists Wanted' presents the photography of Cheng-Chang Wu at Openhouse Gallery. You can be sure we'll be posting lots of pictures of Cheng-Changs' pictures, and of the event.