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Joronne Jeter Splashes Openhouse
Gallery With Beautiful Colors

Joronne Jeter spends weekdays as a managing director at Citi and weekends indulging his passion for photography. He used to toy around with pictures, bribing his family and friends with food and other perks so that he’d have portrait subjects. Last year though, Jeter started working with professional models – and the stylists and hairdressers that follow. Instead of food, he promised them a gallery show, and on Friday at Openhouse Gallery, Jeter showed off the results.

Jeter says he wanted to develop his style, and it’s a powerful one. The models’ colorful costumes, original hair pieces and bold makeup are often set against robust backgrounds like the Brooklyn Bridge and the industrial architecture of the Meatpacking District. Jeter’s from Gary, Indiana, and a taste for the unfinished beauty of big buildings has stayed with him. So has his love for the long opera gloves his mother used to wear – a frequent feature on the models. Check out more of Jeter's art on his site and a collection from his April 15-16 show on Openhouse's Facebook page.

Portraits of Joronne's show by New York-based photojournalist Amy Sussman who recently joined Openhouse Gallery as a contributing photographer. Sussman also shoots for the New York Times, Vanity Fair and the Wall Street Journal. Visit her site and tumblr.

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Pop Up Fashion at Openhouse. Brought to You by Pearl & Company + Horizon Designer Sales

Once spring hits, fashion pop ups in downtown New York are as consistent as Yankee baseball in up, uptown. This week, Openhouse is hosting a fashion pop up store for Horizon Designer Sales and Pearl & Company. We’ve got pin stripes and polka dots, floral prints and zebra stripes. Shoes, dresses, jewelry, tank tops, even a small dog named Brutus. Dog not for sale! Everything else is, and for great prices. The downtown pop up runs from 11 am to 8 pm and ends Thursday evening.

Fashion lines at the Openhouse pop up are 65% to 85% off retail prices, and Horizon Designer Sales provided some great labels. Betsey Johnson, Oscar de la Renta, Cynthia Rowley, Dolce Vita, Ben Sherman and Edun to name a few. Edun is U2 front-man Bono’s label, so you know the line goes great with sunglasses. Plus, proceeds from Edun sales go to African schools, and the cotton’s all organic.

If you’re into, you know, low prices for high-end contemporary fashion from American and European designers, come down to 201 Mulberry. Say hi to Julia Veli Kreibich, an artist-slash-sample sale-producer, who runs Pearl & Company. You’ll see the spring styles (and Brutus too).

Check out Pearl & Company's site. They're fusing fashion and charitable causes like a perfect rivet and blue jeans.

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Photographer Amy Sussman Beautifully Captures Openhouse's Incase for Andy Warhol event for the Wall Street Journal

Amy Sussman, a photographer for the Wall Street Journal, composed a beautiful shot last week at the Incase for Andy Warhol event at Openhouse. Sussman, who frequently captures New York City fashion and art events for top-shelf publications like the Wall Street Journal and New York Times, has a fantastic Web site too. An absolutely beautiful and diverse home that'll make you smile. Explore her backstage fashion photography, follow her through India, and peek inside a tent city. Get ahold of her tumblr account too. Sussman's photo from the Openhouse event was featured recently on the Wall Street Journal's New York photos of the week. Make your day more beautiful by checking out the series.

More New York City perspectives from Antenna Mag, Guest of a Guest, Freshness, Maison Chaplin + Paper Mag. Plus, Incase for Andy Warhol:
Take a peek at Incase's new line of Andy Warhol-inspired Mac, iPhone and iPad cases.
Get Antenna Mag's perspective on the Incase for Andy Warhol event at Openhouse. Antenna Mag.
Read Guest of a Guest's story by Jasmine Frazier or go straight to Wendy Ploger's photo series.
Or, go to Freshness mag, Maison Chaplin + Paper Mag for more photography.

Andy Warhol resurrected for Incase

“Is that a Warhol banana in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?”

“Well, both … “

“Thanks, I’m flattered! And happy to let you know that Incase Designs put that Warhol in your pocket. Don’t have a Warhol in your pocket? Well you can now. Incase just launched a line of Andy Warhol-inspired cases for the iPhone, iPad, MacBook Pros and shoulder bags, too. Just as Apple brought style to computers and phones, Incase is bring the style to computer and phone protection.”

“K, but what are the styles?”

“There’s the arctic camo with a touch of yellow (my favorite); the classic Velvet Underground banana; his Cow Wallpaper from ’66; sweet flowers; and six dollar signs for the socially-conscious banker in all of us. Cool?"


"Good talk. See you out there."

Check out the Andy Warhol Incase banana line
Check out the Andy Warhol Incase camo line
Check out the Andy Warhol Incase cow line
Check out the Andy Warhol Incase flowers line
Check out the Andy Warhol Incase $$$ line

RelativeMO Makes Openhouse Pretty With New Fashion

RelativeMO, the London- and Paris-based PR agency, finished up two open press days Tuesday and we thoughts we’d share some pics. The Autumn/Winter 2011 collections that graced European catwalks – including some beautiful items from Mary Katrantzou – filled the front room at Openhouse, giving fashion editors an intimate peek. Welcome back, RelativeMO, and see you next time!

NY Magazine Park Press!

"A Nice Warm Place to Park It"
If you’re susceptible to seasonal affective disorder, or just bummed out by large expanses of gray snow, find a haven in Nolita next week at the Openhouse Gallery. The 4,500-square-foot space is transforming itself into Park Here, a pop-up “public indoor park” complete with benches and faux grassy knolls designed by decorators American Foliage. The park will feature all the essentials to fool you into thinking it’s already summer, including lunch-break yoga classes, movies on the lawn, and lobster rolls from Luke’s Lobster on weekends. (201 Mulberry St., nr. Kenmare St.; 1/7–1/30; 11 a.m.–6 p.m. daily; free).