Joronne Jeter Splashes Openhouse
Gallery With Beautiful Colors

Joronne Jeter spends weekdays as a managing director at Citi and weekends indulging his passion for photography. He used to toy around with pictures, bribing his family and friends with food and other perks so that he’d have portrait subjects. Last year though, Jeter started working with professional models – and the stylists and hairdressers that follow. Instead of food, he promised them a gallery show, and on Friday at Openhouse Gallery, Jeter showed off the results.

Jeter says he wanted to develop his style, and it’s a powerful one. The models’ colorful costumes, original hair pieces and bold makeup are often set against robust backgrounds like the Brooklyn Bridge and the industrial architecture of the Meatpacking District. Jeter’s from Gary, Indiana, and a taste for the unfinished beauty of big buildings has stayed with him. So has his love for the long opera gloves his mother used to wear – a frequent feature on the models. Check out more of Jeter's art on his site and a collection from his April 15-16 show on Openhouse's Facebook page.

Portraits of Joronne's show by New York-based photojournalist Amy Sussman who recently joined Openhouse Gallery as a contributing photographer. Sussman also shoots for the New York Times, Vanity Fair and the Wall Street Journal. Visit her site and tumblr.

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