Photographer Amy Sussman Beautifully Captures Openhouse's Incase for Andy Warhol event for the Wall Street Journal

Amy Sussman, a photographer for the Wall Street Journal, composed a beautiful shot last week at the Incase for Andy Warhol event at Openhouse. Sussman, who frequently captures New York City fashion and art events for top-shelf publications like the Wall Street Journal and New York Times, has a fantastic Web site too. An absolutely beautiful and diverse home that'll make you smile. Explore her backstage fashion photography, follow her through India, and peek inside a tent city. Get ahold of her tumblr account too. Sussman's photo from the Openhouse event was featured recently on the Wall Street Journal's New York photos of the week. Make your day more beautiful by checking out the series.

More New York City perspectives from Antenna Mag, Guest of a Guest, Freshness, Maison Chaplin + Paper Mag. Plus, Incase for Andy Warhol:
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