The Disarmory Show

Produced by dB Foundation
3/28/08 - 3/30/08

"Disarmory could not have happened without Openhouse," notes dB founding member Annabel Daou, who organized The Disarmory Show. "There's a vibe in this space that allows for such a broad creative energy, so much so that the space itself==though it's big—inspires total creativity!"

Amid the hubbub of the contemporary art fairs that took over New York for one week in March, the dBfoundation presented The Disarmory Show, a tactical subversion and wry commentary on the glitz and inflation that so marks the contemporary art scene today. Eleven artists were asked to physically or conceptually disarm a work of their own choosing from the seminal 1913 International Exhibition of Modern Art. In conjunction with their installation, the dBfoundation produced 'The Disarmory,' a newspaper featuring reviews and editorials relating to the artwork, performances, and historical antecedents of the event. Aligning geographic location with the temporal dislocation upon which Disarmory was premised, the artworks were presented in a lone booth in the expansive gallery space and the show was open to the public during three evenings of events over the weekend of March 28 through March 30. See more at -

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