Meta - Contemporary Furniture Showroom

Produced by Mallett Antiques/Ruder Finn
05/10/08 - 05/17/08

“If Hepplewhite and Chippendale could do it in the 18th century,” asks Henry Neville, president of Mallett Antiques, "why can't we in the 21st?” And so Mallett inhabited OHG for 10 days, as they introduced a future classic: Meta, their new line of commissioned contemporary designs that are destined to be collected. While “in residence,” Mallett covered the floor in mulch and displayed two very large, 10-foot wardrobes, among numerous other pieces in an inaugural line created by five major designers. In their appeal to young collectors, Mallett, which has a gallery uptown, chose OHG to showcase its new collection as an installation, designed by Jules Wright, a theater director and the creator of The Wapping Project, a visual and performing arts center in London.

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