Coming up at OHG

If you know anything about Openhouse, then you probably know that we love fashion. Starting next week we will be living and breathing fashion in the Gallery. Openhouse is proud to host a private photography book launch from shoe designer Brian Atwood. After checking out his fabulously sexy stilettos, we are excited to have such an advocate for womens’ styles in our space.

Beginning Thursday, March 26th, SOS Fashions will be hosting another one of their fantastic sample sales. This event will be here until Saturday, April 5th and is open to the public. From noon to 8pm for the duration of the sale, come stop by and snag some great deals on jeans, shirts, dresses, tees, and more.

As always, we welcome the chance to turn your ideas into events that speak for your brand and speak to your customer. Visit our website at or email for more information.


The Chiconomist Celine said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! Your space seems amazing! Forgive my ignorance though but I'm not quite sure what SOS Fashions is. Any links I can go to to check out what they sell during sample sales? Thanks!!


Hey Celine,

SOS Fashions sells designer clothing at great prices. They don't currently have a website, but to give you an idea they sell a ton of mens & womens styles including jeans, tops, hoodies, dress shirts, tees, and jackets. SOS sells a ton of awesome brands including Seven, Joes, Gucci Prada, and Costume National. Hope to see you there!