CoolCapitals Interactive Brand Installation

OHG hosted some 2,000+ people who dropped by for the Netherlands Board of Tourism & Studio Lekker sponsorship of “Mash It Up!”: a four-day interactive brand experience and thematic event that promoted, a travel and tourism website that represents Amsterdam, Antwerp, Valencia, Vienna and Zurich. Guests were served complimentary De Koninck beer with equal amounts of good cheer, and had their pictures taken with an array of amusing props: oversize replicas of cultural symbols endemic to each 'cool capital,' such as a Dutch master portrait, a big pan of festive paella, or a handsome Tyrolean hat. Check out this link to see some of the madcap fun:

"I really enjoyed working with Openhouse and a big thank you again for all your help! The entire staff was great. Hopefully there will be more projects in the pipeline with which we can do something similarly exciting at Openhouse."
“In the name of the Netherlands Board of Tourism, we would like to thank you for your fantastic cooperation last week. The Openhouse Gallery is a superb space and visitors, especially on the October 16th evening event, loved it. Overall the event was a success.”
Produced by Studio Lekker

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